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In the Outdoor Exhibition, vehicles, tanks, field artillery, air craft, armored car, guns from warships, submarines, radar, etc. Which were used in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War, are displayed. Visitors are allowed inside the displayed equipment.

Air boat(U.S.A)

40mm Naval Gun (Quad Mount)

landing vehicle, tracked

KT-1 Korean Basic Trainer

4.5inch Rocket Launcher(U.S.A)

3"/50 Single Tube Naval (U.S.A)

20mm Anti-Aircraft Cannon(U.S.A)

150mm Towed Howitzer

5inch/38 Caliber Naval Gun Turret(U.S.A)

105mm Towed Howitzer

S-2 "Tracker" Anti-Submarine Aircraft(U.S.A)

Surface-to-Surface Missile, Nike(R.O.K)


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