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My name is Mudori

  • Name : MUDORI
  • Place of Birth : The War Memotial of Korea (1994. 6. 10)I
  • Best Friends : Mudomi, Ddugi, DochiI
  • Personality : Cheerful and ActiveI
  • Favorite Thing : To Do Protects JusticeI
  • Hate : Those who pick on the weakI
  • Wishes to do Protects : The War Memorial of KoreaI
  • Specialty : Changes physical forms to fight for love and peace on the ground, in the sea and sky, and anywhere else she could possibly be needed!I

I was born in The War Memotial of Korea, the home of Peace, with the lives of many heroes who fought to protect peace and the hearts of every individual who hopes for peace. The hearts of those that wanted to protect the Nation became the Helmet and the hearts of those thar loved peace become the Laurel Leaves. I do not have a particular shape like other things, but I dwell inside the hearts of people all over the world, including you! I can be the largest thing or even the smallest thing in this world. My goal is to concern myself with everything done in the names of peace and love. If you love me, then we can work together for a stronger future!

Mudori’s Dream

Because I was born in the hearts of people who wish for peace, I will fight until the entire universe is happy.
Even though the situation is tough and scary, I will not give up. Because if I give up, then others will think that thet can do the same.

Mudori remains within the hearts and minds of people(post, present, and future) all over the word. Korea, with 5,000 years of history, with stood many severs foreign threats. Many lives have been and continue to be sacrificed to protect our country, our culture, and most importantly, our people. Many heroes questioned whether there could someday be a time when the youth of Korea could live peacefully in a world without war. These heroes that protected Korea now gather hands and pray for peace. Their hope in now the light that brightens The War Memorial of Korea.
Today, a strange helmet of a nameless hero turns into Mudori, guardian of peace at the corner of The War memorial of korea. Mudori was born within the hearts of those who wished to live in a world without war. However, peace does not come easily and the birth of Mudori is a message for us that we must not forget : That without power to protect there is no peace at all. That power is within your heart.