Mission for Each Teams

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Office of Audit

  • Establish the plan & employment for Audit Affairs, Inspect general works of the Memorial and Accounting, Dealing civil petitions and matters to prevent corruption
  • Discipline of public service affairs
  • TEL 02-709-3018

Department of Curatorial Affairs

  • Research Team : Research and study war history, To host academic seminars and the publications of curatorial books & comprehensive guide books, To create the national heroes to defend this country and its remembrance ceremonies TEL 02-709-3041~47
  • Exhibition Services Team : To make a plan & renovate the exhibition rooms and special exhibition, To take photographs for stored artifacts / management of storage, To produce and establish the audio-visual planning and systems TEL 02-709-3051~55
  • Collection Management Team : To investigate and acquire the war and military related artifacts, To register and manage the stored artifacts and it's receipt and distribution TEL 02-709-3056~63

Department of Customer Support

  • loyment of combat experience Room TEL 02-709-3071~77
  • Admission Management Team : Management of information desk, exhibition rooms and ticket booth TEL 02-709-3080~81, 02-709-3139
  • Facilities Management Team : Maintain & manage for structure, engineering, machinery and facilities, Rental Business for office rooms and places
    TEL 02-709-3120~24

Department of Planning & Public Relations

  • Management Planning Team : Overall adjustment on the works of the museum, To establish & execute the mid and long terms development plans, To revise and manage SOP / Board of Directors and innovation business TEL 02-709-3102~05
  • Public Relations Team : Dealing the works related press and public relations, Public relations business and planning cultural events, Production & distribution of museum magazines and various brochures and pamphlets TEL 02-709-3107~09
  • Education Team : To manage museum college, To develop and manage education program for national defense TEL 02-709-3048~50
  • Enterprise Group : To manage Museum Wedding Hall, dining facilities, food court, museum cafe and convenient store. TEL 02-709-3231~32

Department of Business Management

  • Finance Team : Mid-term planning, Compilation and acquisition of the budget, Overall contracts / revenue and expenditure, Salary, Accounting and Tax affairs
    TEL 02-709-3021~24
  • Human resource management Team : Human resource management, Dealing the matters on welfare affairs and labor-management TEL 02-709-3026~28
  • Management Team : Various ceremonies and protocol things, Employment of Computer related works TEL 02-709-3029~34