Other Facilities

  • Lokers

    This is a space to keep personal belongings for your convenience.
  • Reading Room

    This is a reading room where children's dream and imagination grows.
    It is located in the meeting plaza, the lobby of exhibition room.
  • Nursing Room

    This is a space for mom and baby. Please keep the space clean for the convenience of next visitors.
  • Cafe

    This is a cafe with a open-air terrace.
  • Children’s Lunch Lounge

    This is a dining and resting space for group visitors. Please call us for use of the space.
  • Open Air Theater

    This is a theater for events and performances which is located west of the children's museum.
    The theater has an outdoor stage and sound equipments.
  • Children’s Classroom

    This is a venue for education programs of the children's museum.
    Please try to experience and learn together for interesting memories.
  • Kids’ Air Base

    The playground designed with the motive of an airplane is located in the children's outdoor square.